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Grades 1 - 4

In grades 1 - 4 we set the foundation for the rest of each student's life.
Students in our class will learn more than the 3 R's.  
Learning to love Jesus and follow Him will be the focus of everything we do.

Every day is a special day for us!
Our curriculum for grades 1-4 consists of:
Life Series Bible Curriculum
Singapore Math and IXL
Pathways Reading
Reading instruciton
ByDesign Science
Social Studies
Scott Foresman Social Studies (grades 1-2)
MacMillan/McGraw Hill Regions (grades 3-4)
Writing Worksops
Reading Workshops
Art Lesson by Diane Capps (local teacher)
Daily Worship and weekly chapel with Pr. Mike Foraker
Spanish using Duolingo
Music instruction (includes learning about composers, music history, reading notes and music theory)